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Getting to Know our Quality Solid Shelves

Our quality solid shelves are one of the best open shelf systems available today. Made out of galvanized steel finish and in stainless steel finish, solid shelves come in a variety of models, sizes, and prices. Solid shelves are installed mostly on mobile shelf rack systems.

These versatile shelf pieces offers both elegant form and function and present a practical way of storing and displaying items and products such as magazines, books, DVD players, TV sets, laptops, printers and other office equipment. Sturdy, light and easy to move around, the solid shelf system can either be in stationary mode or mobile mode.

The quality solid shelf systems presented below consist of three wire shelves and a solid shelf below with solid steel wheels to allow mobility or transport of products or items. A feature of the system is the solid shelf below prevents dust and other contaminants to be lifted off the ground while the unit is in transit. The entire systems consists of 4 posts, 3 wire shelves, 1 solid shelf, 4 donut bumpers, and four 5-inch poly stem casters with 2 brakes.

The prices of the Chrome Wire shelving 3-Wire Shelf and 1-Solid Stem Caster Cart ranges from $221.63 for the 18” x 36” x 69” dimensions, to $333.56 for the 4-Wire Shelf and 1-Solid Stem Caster Cart.

For use in living spaces, commercial spaces or office spaces, the quality solid shelves can be used as durable fixtures to store a variety of items, products or small office equipment. You can store and display hardbound or softbound books in the living room with style. The solid feature of the shelves exudes a sense of durability and aesthetic quality inside any room.

No space is wasted in a commercial, office or living room space with the use of quality solid shelves. It can also be used in any room, and since it does not collect dust, the rooms stay clean and your items stay tidy. You can store pantry items with ease. Inside the display room, you can add an attractive modern look by adding chrome wire wine racks to hold and display wine bottles, and save space in the kitchen.

You can save drawer space by storing less attractive items like flatware, plastic wraps and aluminum foil, the smaller storage items can be used to store food items including salt and pepper shakers. Kitchen items storage is easy in solid shelving.

For quantity orders, we can ship the quality solid shelves to any destination.